Yard Digital is an independent, no-nonsense technical marketing agency. The office itself resides in a typical Georgian style building within a New Town Edinburgh square. I felt this was an opportunity to take a more residential approach to the designs. It was "kitchens and living rooms", rather than "canteens and board rooms". Visuals began to emerge, honing in on colour palettes, furniture selections and lighting that illustrated rooms full of character, with large text on walls, big modern chandeliers and mix matched chairs. I felt it was important to work with local fabricators and builders on this project, and bring an artist onboard to design a mural for the living room and main office, and create unique signage for the kitchen. I envisioned a pink neon sign that could punctuate some aspect of the team culture sat above a mantle piece. Over time, and with plenty of back and forth, a set of final designs and production plans emerged that I felt sparked real excitement. It was an amazing process of discovery and learning working with such talent. Everyday I was in the office, scrutinising a corner of a room, measuring and remeasuring, sketching or taking photographs the team showed enthusiasm and patience. I feel what's been achieved are inspiring, contemporary, fun and versatile spaces that reflect an evolved culture, identity and ambition.

Collaborators @splintrdesign, @umber.and.ochre, @yourbureau, @thomas_paints, @charleys_chalk and @entertheblackbox

Photography credit www.alixmcintosh.com @alixmcintosh