Rosevale Terrace 

This top floor flat, located near Leith Links, lacked character and was in need of modernisation. Both the bathroom and kitchen were outdated, and the bedroom was an awkward shape. However, being a property built in the 1880s, we were able to strip it back to reveal bags of potential. We exposed and repointed a beautifully curved original brick wall in the kitchen and got rid of the false ceiling, which both opened up the space and added height. Open shelving now draws the eyes upward and provides ample storage above and below the worktop. All black appliances give the room a sleek sophistication. The walls were kept a cool neutral, so that all the colour pops from the carefully chosen kitchenware. In the bedroom, a bespoke raised platform bed in the nook provides optimal floor space and offers loads of storage underneath. In the bathroom, we went more traditional, with a high cistern and wall mounted taps.